Are There Any 2018 Six Nations Fixture Advantages?

Six Nations 2018 Fixture Dates It was been suggested that setting the fixture dates for the Six Nations in 2018 did not go smoothly.  The declaration from Wales that they were no longer happy to play at home on a Friday night, forced a rethink of the fixture dates.  Also, as England refuse to play […]

Italian reporter freed from Turkey after two-week detention

ROME (Reuters) – An Italian journalist who was detained in Turkey two weeks ago while doing research for a book was released on Monday and flown straight back to Italy. Gabriele Del Grande was arrested on April 9 close to Turkey’s border with Syria. His detention caused strains between Rome and Ankara, with Italian Foreign […]

EU states push back against 25-year wireless spectrum licences

Germany and Italy are among 15 European Union member states pushing back against a proposal to set a 25-year minimum on wireless spectrum licences, thwarting the telecoms industry’s hopes for a more coordinated approach across the bloc. The European Commission has tried for years to coordinate how national governments allocate so-called wireless spectrum or parcels […]

Women around the world: Italy

In collaboration with EyeEm, DW invited photographers to share images that offer an insight into the lives of women around the world. This one was taken in Italy by Aenne Bolze. #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia #Businessn3Novices Europe

Colour of the moment “millennial pink” dominates at Milan design week

So-called millennial pink is hugely popular in fashion right now, but has also become the most sought-after colour in furniture design, this year’s Milan design week revealed. The name millennial pink was coined to describe a muted shade of the colour – somewhere between beige and blush. With other design trends thin on the ground during Milan design week last month, the colour […]

Michele Scarponi: Italian cyclist dies in training crash

Italian cyclist Michele Scarponi dies aged 37 after being involved in a collision with a van during a training ride. #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia 3Novices Europe