Pizza and organ music up for UNESCO Intangible Heritage recognition

Nominees for additions to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2017 include the baking tradition surrounding Napoli pizza and Germany’s organ music. #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia #LifeStyle 3Novices Europe


‘Sarrismo’: An ex-banker is revolutionizing Italian soccer

ROME — He reads Charles Bukowski, wears retro spectacles, and hunches over to jot down notes on a small pad during matches. Maurizio Sarri seems like a throwback to another era of football coaches but his vision of the game is at the sport’s vanguard. If Serie A leader Napoli is going to win its…

Amazon faces ‘Black Friday’ strikes in Germany, Italy

Worker’s at Amazon’s main hubs in Germany and Italy have launched walkouts to hit the US e-commerce giant at a time when it hurts most — Black Friday and Cyber Monday — the busiest online shopping days of the year. #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia #Businessn3Novices Europe

Italy soccer chief resigns after failure to reach World Cup

Italian football federation president Carlo Tavecchio has resigned a week after the Azzurri failed to qualify for the World Cup.

The death of Venice? Man says overpriced meal will sink city’s reputation

ROME — A British tourist has written to the mayor of Venice after he was presented with a €526 ($775) bill for lunch. Luke Tang, a lecturer from Birmingham, said he and his elderly parents were shocked to be charged so much for their seafood lunch. He accused the restaurant, Trattoria Casanova, of taking advantage of…

Water levels rise in Venice after heavy rainfall

Inclement weather in Italy causes water to rise by over a metre in the canal city while some regions see first snow of the season. #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia 3Novices

IMG deal doubles Serie A’s income from international rights

MILAN — Italy’s soccer league has made a switch and assigned its international TV rights predominantly to IMG for 371 million euros ($437 million) per season — nearly double the value of the previous deal. The agreement covers the next three Serie A seasons through 2020-21. The previous deal was for 190 million euros ($224…