About Keynote Speaker Peter Sylvester

Ex Vice President of Harley Davidson, Peter Sylvester will be speaking at the Introbiz Expo 2016. About Peter Sylvester Peter Sylvester spent 10 years as Senior Vice – President for Harley Davidson International, and during his time with them, he opened 17 new joint ventures around the world. He’s worked with 700 businesses to establish their […]



Why There’s Little to Fear in Facebook’s Stock

As tech behemoth Facebook continues to barrel through Wall Street expectations quarter after quarter, investors must ask: Can the aging company maintain its momentum? Clamp down on your doubts, wrote Barron’s columnist Jack Hough in a Sunday report. It’s time to buy into the tech giant trading at roughly $124 per share. Facebook fb has…


Motorola accuses Samsung of stealing ideas, but was it the first to come up with them?

Lenovo-owned Motorola publicly whines on Twitter that Samsung stole its ambient display idea, perhaps forgetting it wasn’t the first to do it The world of technology is so full of innovations, borrowed ideas and repackaged functions that it is sometimes difficult to work out who did what, and when. At least, that’s probably Motorola’s excuse. […]


The 9 Craziest Things I Saw At The Rio Olympics

Put the 2016 Olympics in the books. The Rio Games have offered world records, graceful moments, crushing losses––and no shortage of nuttiness. Here are nine of the craziest moments from Rio: Neymar! Rio exploded after Neymar scored the winning goal, in a penalty shootout, against Germany on Saturday to give Brazil its first Olympic gold…


Rio Olympics 2016: Spectacular closing ceremony as Olympic flag goes to Tokyo

The Rio Olympics end with a spectacular carnival-inspired closing ceremony and the official handover to 2020 hosts Tokyo. Source BBC Sport – Sport http://ift.tt/2buBXG9


“Be the Person Everyone Wants to See Succeed”: Dick Parsons on Leading in a Crisis

In the past 25 years, Dick Parsons has tackled some of the toughest jobs of any American corporate executive: In February 2009, Parsons became chairman of Citigroup as the bank struggled to survive the wreckage of the financial crisis, and to fend off calls for it to be broken up–or nationalized. In 2002, Parsons was…