Ring fires Finland to upset 1-0 win over Iceland

TAMPERE, Finland — Finland handed an upset 1-0 defeat to Iceland on Saturday to win its first match in the 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign. Finland earned just a single point from the previous six qualifiers — a draw against Kosovo — while Iceland kept momentum from its inspiring run to the Euro 2016 quarterfinals…



Iceland set to tackle gender pay gap with world’s toughest law

Iceland’s parliament examines a bill that will make companies prove men and women are paid equally. http://ift.tt/2o2vcll #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia 3Novices Europe


Dezeen’s latest Pinterest board showcases Icelandic architecture and design

With DesignMarch, Iceland’s most important design fair, underway in Reykjavík, our latest Pinterest board focuses on architecture and design from the Nordic country, including a pair of red pyramid-framed bridges and a set of tables shaped like basalt columns. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › The post Dezeen’s latest Pinterest board showcases Icelandic architecture and design appeared first on Dezeen. http://ift.tt/2o4MNax #3Novices […]


3Novices:How do you drill into a volcano?

Scientists in Iceland are drilling into a volcano to harness the energy from beneath the Earth. http://ift.tt/2hPd8Fq #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia 3Novices Europe


Iceland’s Crowd-Sourced Constitution Offers Hope for Disillusioned Voters

Western democracies are in turmoil. From Brexit to Donald Trump, to a general lack of trust in politics, disillusioned voters are expressing their frustration in strange ways. In Iceland, they are taking a more proactive, hopeful approach – and it’s a lesson to the rest of the world. It looks as though a crowd-sourced constitution,…


3Novices:Iceland election: Pirate Party set for gains

Iceland’s anti-establishment Pirate Party looks set to make gains as votes are counted from a parliamentary election. http://ift.tt/2dZcV06 #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia 3Novices Europe


10-Hour Layover in Iceland? Lucky You

Icelandair is the largest public -company in Iceland–and one of the country’s biggest boosters. The airline has differentiated itself by making the layover-, a scourge of international travelers everywhere, into a perk. The pitch: You’re flying from New York to London and you have to stop somewhere–why not spend some time in the land of…