Robocops will soon replace human police: newspaper

Robotic law enforcement officers will soon become a real thing, patrolling the streets of Dubai, a wealthy Middle East city in the United Arab Emirates. The small framed robot is less reminiscent of the 1987 film Robocop, who tracks down murderous criminals, instead, the cyborg police robot will focus more on misdemeanour crimes. The Telegraph […]


The World’s Most Powerful Women: November 14

The New York Times has asked a valid question: Women have led some 70 nations over the course of history–currently, they head 17–so why not the United States? The answer, at least in this article, has more to do with the job of the U.S. president than the actual candidates. In Europe–where women such as…

China and Image Nation Abu Dhabi Forge $300 Million Film Fund Pact

ROME — China’s government-backed Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) and Image Nation Abu Dhabi have forged a partnership to set up a $300 million fund to jointly invest in movies and TV content produced in Hollywood, the United Arab Emirates, China and other countries. At the core of the strategic pact is the so-called Culture China –……